Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Last Thursday with Brendan

Last Thursday, I picked Brendan up after work and brought him home with me. We played all of our usual stuff together and had a fun time of it.
 I had purchased a flashlight on super-sale at Meijer's last week and showed it to Brendan. He immediately wanted Cocoa kitty to put on a show for him: "Dance, Cocoa! Dance!" 
 I was busy in the kitchen, fixing our food, but I was beckoned to the front room to animate poor Cocoa in her dance routine.
 We took our bubbles outside and made enormous bubbles for awhile ...
 Brendan got his hair cut! His curls are GONE! He will be much cooler during these hot months, but ... I miss his hair! Sign.

 Brendan has always got new facial expressions to show me ...
 Nothing unusual to report here ... 
This little boy is such a joy--always!

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