Sunday, April 30, 2017

A cold April day at the GR Public Museum

It was a cold, windy, almost-rainy Saturday. It was NOT outside park weather. Christopher was spending an overnight with his friend, so the rest of the gang and I ventured downtown to the public museum.
Thankfully, I have a grandma membership there, because this little gang just sweeps through the place like a wind-storm and an hour is about all they will tolerate of this type of activity. BUT, these little excursions are important, even for very active children who have a bit of an attention deficit. 
AND it is just good for us to get out and about and see our city and its surroundings, don't you think? 
My favorite exhibit yesterday was the Lumination one that showed all kinds of cool creatures above ground and under it, that give off light. 
 Look how happy Kaity is in this picture (above)! She is happy to be anywhere that I am, essentially. I'm not bragging, that's just the way she is. And I am happy to be with her too.
The exhibit was beautifully put together. I think I should take myself back there w/o children and actually read all of the interesting material that was available. 

Kaity cracks me up. She LOVES magnifying glasses and what's better than ONE ?? Why, TWO of course. 
We looped our way pretty quickly through the museum because Kaity was aching to go to the carousel. 

She really likes riding this, and actually ... so do we all. 

 I love these pictures of everyone having such a good time.

We finished up at the museum and came on back to the beach house for a meal and some playtime before we took Matthew over to Three Mile. 
 Ems spent the night with me. Such a treasure, such a blessing to be a grandma!

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