Friday, April 21, 2017

Kaity and I stop by the Gardens ...

It is always fun to see the butterflies are bloomin' exhibit over at the Gardens. Kaity and I visited a few weeks ago now.
It was a beautiful day to be there. Kaity was in her usual "hurry" to see everything, but actually walked around the whole area 3 to 4 times in about a 20-minute span. We saw lots of pretty butterflies. 

It's always a little bit tricky to keep up with Kaity-Girl. She is pretty determined to zip on through ... 

I love the heat and wonderful humidity inside this beautiful place ...

Kaity and I did some exploring outside too. There is a nice children's place there and Kaity was all about exploring it. 

 We went to the gift shop on our way out and purchased some butterfly wings for her. She was super pleased! 
 Love you, Kaity, dear!

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