Saturday, April 22, 2017

Baby Aidan is precious

Most of these pictures were taken in late March when Aidan was still quite fresh in the world ... Dylan is very happy that Aidan will content himself to sleep on his shoulder. Brendan would only do that with Kelly at this age. I smile as I look at these happy pictures.

Having been an only child for FIVE years, I think Brendan is doing well under this new circumstance in his little life. He is always delightful ... 
 Brendan and I had a date night so that Kelly, Dylan and Aidan could spend a quiet evening together. We started out at Casa La Parrott over on 28th Street, but I neglected to take any pictures of our fun time there! Rats. We talked with all the birds (who had great names and personalities--I will have to take Brendan back there ... and ALL the kids actually!). We then drove over to Schuler's to enjoy a little bit of food and a whole lot of play.

Schuler's is a great place to play--no admission fee whatsoever! They have a great train table (Brendan's favorite, naturally) ... 

 Look at this beautiful little boy ... don't you love his outfit?!! The shoes (slippers) are a birthday gift from his dear Grandma Julie (Winona, Minnesota).

There is a wonderful puppet theatre there which Brendan made very good use of ... 

After our "date" was over, we went back to Brendan's house and visited with baby Aidan and everyone for awhile. I love love LOVE this picture of Kelly! 

So ... WHO are you, dear Aidan? 

I love this little half-smile on his face! 
On another day at the end of March, Nana came to hold Aidan. She was quite taken with him too! 

Brendan popped into the camera every now and then too ...  

 These are very sweet pictures of Nana and Aidan!
Aidan is a very sleepy little baby! He can go to sleep instantly, no matter what! Love him.

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