Saturday, April 22, 2017

Matthew is TWELVE

Matthew John's 12th birthday was April 10. We celebrated it over at my house two weeks prior, because his LEGO's we had ordered arrived; PLUS, Matt's family was taking a trip to Tennessee over spring break and he was not sure if they would be "home" in time for her birthday, besides the fact that his birthday this year fell on a Monday (so, not a weekend). 
Kaitlynn was happy to celebrate. She loves birthdays, especially her OWN. She did ask a few times, "What about me, Grandma?" And I would have to remind her that her birthday was a few months down the road.
Matthew is a really good LEGO builder. He follows the directions carefully and hasn't needed any help at all for years now, even building super difficult models. 
(Below). This is Kaity's "what about me?" face ...
I picked out a special ice-cream cake for Matthew. We only lit one candle because we didn't want to have any mishaps with melting the cake or anything.
How can you be TWELVE already, Matthew?
Matt successfully blew out his one candle and we all enjoyed eating his cake because it was yummy.

Two weeks later, when it was actually his birth DATE, I delivered a special gift (Emma's very good idea). This is his Matthew Stafford Lion's jersey. It is a little bit large, but hopefully that won't matter. He seemed very pleased.

Kaity and I had been to the zoo that afternoon, and we picked him up two of those cool 3-D moving kinds of pictures: one of a Lion (it reminded me of Aslan) and the other one of a tiger ...
... because Matthew really likes the tigers at the zoo.
Happy Birthday, Matthew, "Gift of God." I pray that one day you will know how deeply you are loved and valued by our wonderful God who made you. Please, Lord, reveal your grace and mercy to this dear grandson.

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