Monday, April 24, 2017

Our first zoo excursion of 2017!

I always rejoice to find the zoo opened once again! I am a Grandma-member, so $80 per year does the trick for me and ALL my grandchildren. We take every advantage of this great membership too!

Early in the year, not many of the animals are actually on display, but Kaity and I managed to have an hour of fun anyway. Here is Kaity finding out her wing span! Isn't she something? Her span right now is almost the span of a Red-tailed hawk--four feet! 
The penguins are always a favorite, for sure ... 
Sweet Kaity was a very tired little girl this day ... she has a bit of a mopey face (below), but mostly because she was so tired (I think). 

I was very pleased that Kaity took such a liking to the goats this time. She entered right into life with them, combing each one's hair and following them everywhere ...

This picture cracks me up ... she wanted them to "Get up!" But they just sat there anyway. 

Oh my word, I love these pictures of her and these goats!!! 

I'm so glad we can go to the zoo, Kaity! I just love being with you, dear granddaughter!

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