Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pictures that MUST be posted ...

One Sunday afternoon either in late January or early February, I took Emma downtown to Rosa Parks Circle to ice skate. Emma had never had a pair of ice skates on before in her life, but she has talked about wanting to do this for a very long time.
We found that skate rental was very reasonable!! Only $1.00! It was a reasonably calm winter afternoon, not terribly freezing cold, and Emma was dressed in layers. She had NO idea walking on ice skates would be quite this tricky.
In fact, she was SHOCKED and appalled at herself that she could not stand up, not without holding on to the side rails. How did it all turn out? Well, we did not stay very long. Emma ventured out to the rink but did not leave the side (which was just fine!), but she was a bit disappointed and very embarrassed that she did not do better. No matter what I said, it did not make the situation any better. I'm still glad we did it. :)

Valentine's Day came and went rather uneventfully around here. I bought some little window stickers for the kiddos to play with. I love these pictures of dear Brendan. He is a beautiful little soul.

 These are some random February pictures doing a little bit of everything with everybody.

 Chocolate ice cream is Brendan's favorite AND it is Kaity's too!

These guys and I hanging out on a Saturday afternoon playing with Pla-doh, doing art, and playing games.

One afternoon, Kaity and I "studied" the letter "A" for a little while. Kaity did a very nice apple painting.

We built some houses for our stuffed animals out of the nice wooden blocks in the playroom.

 Kaity is getting a little more patient with her building and seems to enjoy it.

I went to Emma's choir concert some time back in late February. As always, she sang her heart out. So proud of her.

Emma and Kaity, around Valentine's Day. These granddaughters are ten years apart. I love them to pieces.

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