Saturday, April 29, 2017

Emma's HOME track meet

Emma is on the Mill Creek Middle School track and field team this year. They are only having ONE home track meet and this was the one. I didn't want to miss it, since the other meets are sometimes quite a distance and I am not often able to attend.
It was a beautiful afternoon for the meet, a little chilly, but at least the threatened rain did not materialize and wreck everything.
Dear Kaity was there to see her big sister run. She and I had a lot of fun playing on the beautiful green grass on the hillside.

Kaity made quite a few friends on that hillside!

Emma ran the 400 meter and the 800 meters.

Here she is on the starting line for the 400 meter run. They ran several "heats" and Emma did very well in hers.

I'm very glad Emma has joined the team. It is a good way to learn about sportsmanship, meet new friends, and compete.

This is Kaity's pouty face when she learned the track meet was going to continue for a very long time!
We decided to "go exploring" a bit. So we walked all around the field and even went UNDER the bleachers on the opposing side of the field.

I did not get very good pictures of the 800 meter run. Emma made it, sprinting all the way. Proud of you, Emma Joy!

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