Monday, April 24, 2017

Our very favorite park

We had some super nice/mild weather very early in April and YES! we were able to spend an afternoon out at Townsend Park. This has been one of my favorite places for the last 40+ years. The creek was very swollen from all the rain the prior few weeks and it was SUPER cold, but it did not stop these children from anything at all!

We have enjoyed such adventures here and there are so many wonderful memories that we have made. The antics of these children when they are here is something to behold! Happiness just spills out all over the place.

What a perfect day for getting a picture of these four delightful kiddos. 
Kaity could hardly contain her joy ... 

There was much exploring to be done ... 
 Later in the summer, we will HUNT cray fish here and tiny fish and whatever else we can find.

This is Kaity's first year to enjoy it with us. She did not miss out on one single thing. 

And Emma -- I was absolutely SURE she was bound and determined to fall in ... but she didn't! 

These pictures really say it all. No need for further comment other than to say that I am truly grateful to God for His amazing beauty and His gifts to us as His children. Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful afternoon.