Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A most marvelous and magnificent Monday with Brendan at the beach!

I have talked about doing this for weeks … but FINALLY this past Monday everything worked out perfectly to take Brendan over to my favorite spot in West Michigan! I picked him up at his house at 8:45 AM and he was all dressed for the beach and ready to go!
We had our whole day planned out! We were SO excited! We sang and talked all the way to Grand Haven … and finally … we were there! 
The first thing we did was to walk the boardwalk all the way to the end of the pier. We saw lots of boats along the way, except not as many as usually are out and about … perhaps because it was a Monday morning! 
 This is my favorite lighthouse ever. It was so much fun to share her with Brendan.
 We strolled the whole pier and when we got to the outer light, Brendan climbed the stairs to the padlocked gate … I told him people USED to be able to walk all around the lighthouse up on that deck … in the olden days, that is.
 Isn't he just about the cutest little boy you have ever seen?
 He loved the wind and the fresh air … he looked like a little matey, all ready to board a ship.

 We laughed and danced and sang at the end of the pier. It was momentous.
 These are the first pictures I have of my Little Fellow on this pier. I hope someday he will enjoy coming with me all summer long. He is such a good buddy to have for company--never a dull moment--everything is interesting to him.

 We took all of our beach toys down to the shore. There had been a very strong storm the night before, so the beach was kind of clogged up with seaweed, which I tried to keep OUT of my pictures. I really don't think seaweed is very pretty.
 Brendan ran right into the waves over and over again. I had to keep a very good eye on this fearless little sailor! We had such a blast jumping the waves together.

And the seagulls! I have always loved to hear the seagulls language. They were talking up a storm Monday and it wasn't very long before Brendan could mimic their cries perfectly. People on the beach thought he was pretty remarkable -- well, naturally!
 We did a lot of digging in the sand ...

 We had SO MUCH FUN.
 Brendan enjoyed himself very much.

We also rode on the Harbor Trolley! I had no idea we were going to have to wait so long for it to come around and pick us up! But Brendan didn't mind the wait. We were up on Washington Street at a place marked for the trolley to stop. We sat on the side of a lamp-post and enjoyed a good cuddle. Brendan is the nicest little person to cuddle with--he sinks right in and is so nice and warm and soft.
The trolley driver was a very nice young lady who allowed Brendan and I to sit up in the front with her for a little while. She even put the windshield wipers on and off for our Little Fellow--he really really likes windshield wipers.
 There were tons of children riding the trolley and everyone made fast friends.
 On our way home from Grand Haven, we stopped at McD's to catch a little something to eat. I don't usually take Brendan to unhealthy places to eat … but I did on Monday just because. We even drank sweet tea together.

I will remember this beach day for always, Brendan. I was 100% happy 100% of the time I was with you, dear sweet cuddly precious little grandson.

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