Saturday, August 29, 2015

Just a few hours with Little Fellow ...

I knew Brendan would love my LEGO lighthouse! During his careful inspection of it and play, I was able to fix us a yummy-healthy dinner. We only had a few hours together, and we were just planning to hang out here at The Beach House. We had gone grocery shopping together before coming to my house and had so much fun at Meijer … Brendan is a good little helper in the store.
 I did not take my pictures this day (shock) because we were just playing with every little thing in my house. We used our scissors to cut paper up, we stamped and punched out little pictures together ...
But the real highlight was when Brendan asked to put my headphones on and then proceeded to entertain himself (and me) while playing and experimenting with the different sounds my piano can make. 

 Brendan is naturally musical. My favorite thing is when he will sing a little ditty, i.e. while we are driving somewhere and I will try to imitate him and repeat the song. He will listen carefully to me and then sweetly say: "No. It goes like this …" And then he will sing it correctly!
 Below is Brendan singing a bedtime song that Dylan and Brendan have written titled: Brendan and Michal. It's a sweet little song for Brendan and his doll, Michal, so that they can go to sleep properly.

Brendan's face! He is actually looking at the music to Fur Elise that is on my keyboard--no, he cannot read music at this point; but I predict that some day he will excel at it!

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