Saturday, August 29, 2015

Penny Pony

Brendan and I were on our way out of Meijer’s this week and walked past the penny pony ride. So, of course, I gave a shiny penny to Brendan and he put it in the slot as I boosted him up for his exciting ride. But nothing happened: no sound, no movement, nothing! 

Seeing Brendan’s puzzled and disappointed expression, I began to push the pony up and down, back and forth, with my hands to simulate a pony ride while humming (loudly) “The William Tell Overture” (try to picture this). After several pathetically animated moments, I noticed two very small girls waiting their turn to ride and informed them sadly that the pony had broken. The older of the two little girls asked me if I had pushed the green button, because that was what made it GO. I didn’t know there WAS a green button because it was hidden under pony’s reins (and Brendan's chubby legs); but we pushed it, pony went, and … well, it was one of those grandma moments. 

My reward? Huge smiles from three small children.

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