Monday, August 31, 2015

We review the Creation story

For our Bible time Sunday afternoon, we reviewed the Creation story. This was Emma's request from the prior week. PLUS, she wanted me to type out my notes to add to their binders full of painted illustrations. So that is what we did!
As the kiddos painted, I reviewed what we had learned about God creating everything. We learned a new 10-word verse: IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. This is the very first verse in all of Scripture!
We talked about what God made on each of the six days of Creation, how Jesus Christ was actually the One who did the work of creation (He merely spoke and voila' ... everything appeared), how Christ made us for a relationship with Him, and that He holds everything together by the word of His mouth.

We also watched a short 7-minute video by Louie Giglio about God making the stars and how tiny the earth is compared to the mammoth universe God has made. 

We had a very nice Bible time. I am so thankful we do this each week. It is so wonderful to prepare ahead all week long and find just the right illustrations as well as cross-referencing throughout Scripture the topic or particular story we are studying. I love Bible study!

The kiddos did a wonderful job painting their pictures of the earth and their newest memory verse.

These are the kinds of memories that are the very BEST.

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