Monday, August 31, 2015

We have a blast at AJ's

The kiddos look like little gangsters in this picture! I had my camera on the WRONG setting (again!) but thought I had snapped about a dozen pictures at this site (in front of the race car). As it was, the setting I had my camera on, does not take multiple shots, so this picture (below) was the only option.
This was Matthew's very first time riding the go-karts. You see, this is his special birthday year where he turned TEN on the 10th ... his GOLDEN birthday year; and I promised that before summer was over, we would stretch his birthday out one last time and go to AJ's.
Matthew looks VERY ready to drive. And Chris? Well, he is an old pro at this! He was completely confident and SO excited to be behind the wheel.
I have no idea what happened to the picture of Ems in her car ... perhaps at the end of this post.
The kiddos drove their go-karts first and then we went into the Arcade. I always struggle with the Arcade because there are so many "games" that are such a rip off! But each of the children had 25 tokens to do with as they pleased ...

This game was actually the sanest one there ... at least it made sense!

These pictures kill me ... such glum faces on these beautiful children. I think the Arcade is a little bit overwhelming ... kind of like a casino-effect (although I have never been in a casino and never plan to!). It's just that there is SO much to attract with so little return!
Emma and Matthew on the "dance machine."
When all of the tokens were spent, we went back to the go-karts for one last drive ...
All three of the children did really well.
They followed the rules, kept their go-karts ON the road, and were not mean to each other!
I could see by Emma's face that she was counting down the years until she gets her driver's permit ... not very many more years!
Christopher looks like one of those NASCAR dudes ...

We had a fun time at AJ's. I am glad we went! I love these guys so much.

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