Monday, February 15, 2016

A bitter cold Friday afternoon ...

I left the office Friday afternoon and I think the temperature was 18 degrees, the wind was blowing ... and the clouds were just amazing-looking. Where could I go to take a few pictures before driving home? Somewhere not to far out of my way!
 I decided to just drive through E. Grand Rapids and park over near Reed's Lake to see what I could see.

 These are a few pictures ... some of them are rather bleak ... but I thought the day was too beautiful to pass up.

 I am still learning MAC's Photoscape program. I am finding that I like it very much, even though it is a little tougher for me to figure out.

 The woods are beautiful even when the trees are not beautifully etched in snow. I love this pathway.

 Aren't those clouds marvelous?

Definite card-making material ... now just to find the right text to put with these pictures!

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