Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In search of snow at Little Pointe Sable

Generally speaking, it has been a weird winter in West Michigan. Our last two were brutally cold and very snowy. This year, however, it has been unusually warm and definitely lacking in snow! For a long time now, I have wanted to go back to Little Pointe Sable and get some winter pictures to show my dear cousins--their cherished lighthouse all decorated in white! 
Little Pointe Sable is located about 25 miles south of Ludington and has an address of Mears, Michigan. It is very close to Silver Lake and those famous dunes. I ventured out yesterday morning hoping that the further north I went, the more snow I would see! 
 However, since this location is only 84 miles from my house (and not all of those are northern miles), I was quite disappointed to find ... hardly any snow!
 These pictures could almost have been taken in June or July, except for the fact that there are zero leaves on any of the trees.
I took quite a few pictures (surprise, surprise); but these are the few that I feel are worth posting.
The shoreline definitely looks wintery with the small icebergs caked with sand ... 
But without that, it really would not look that much different in the summer. 
 Still, it was worth the drive. I actually walked around here for nearly two hours yesterday. I walked up and down huge dunes. It was great fun.
 It is such a beautiful place. I don't have any history associated with this lovely spot, but my dear cousins grew up spending two weeks here every summer of their lives. They love it to death. I can understand why, certainly.
 I think this picture (below) is my favorite.
 This is the pathway leading to and from the cottage my cousins stay at each summer. Last year they arrived to an exceedingly eroded beachfront--a shear drop-off from dune to ... Lake Michigan! No beach in-between. I think perhaps just a little of the beach has reappeared this year.
 Don't you think there must certainly be a story behind this photograph? A disgruntled Valentine perhaps?
This pretty bouquet was planted right in this exact place on the beach, not far from the icy edge of Lake Michigan. I wonder why?!

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