Monday, February 15, 2016

A cousin party ...

I think one of the nicest things that have ever happened to me is becoming a grandma. Watching these kiddos grow, interacting with them, showering love on them, BEING loved BY them ... is more wonderful than I can express. And here they are! All five of them together, celebrating a belated birthday for dear Brendan.
 The cousins brought over a very fun gift for Brendan ...
 What is it? Hungry, Hungry Hippos!!! They had a blast playing this game.
 Since it is the season of Lent, our sweet treat of the day was very fresh Paczkis from Marge's Donut Den. They were amazingly soft and sweet and ... SO delicious. Kelly put a candle on Brendan's and we all sang Happy Birthday as loud as we could.

 Brendan blew his candle out and consumed his treat with joy. Me too. I was fortunate enough to choose a peach-filled one! YUM.
 Brendan opened his new Playmobile police helicopter. These are such great toys!
 The beautiful sign Kelly picked out for Brendan's birthday.
 Emma "found" a whole basket of train tracks and proceeded to build quite layout!
 Dylan reads the birthday card from the cousins to Brendan -- actually, the card is from Jesse and Diana, to their Nephew Brendan.
 Dylan, enjoying the view ...
 Hungry, hungry Hippos!
 After the cousins went home, I got to read two bedtime stories to this little love of a boy--who insisted that he was NOT sick (so that my heart would not be sad). But look at this precious little face. I could just eat him up!

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