Monday, February 22, 2016

This past Friday night, the older grandchildren and I went to see "Risen" over at AMC Theatre. I liked the way the story was told very much. I especially liked their portrayal of Jesus. It wasn't perfect--the disciples came across a little bit flaky--but it was a compelling story of this Roman tribune's journey to faith.
 The kiddos seemed to appreciate it too. Christopher was a little disappointed that Jesus wasn't better looking--but then I reminded him what Isaiah said about Jesus--that there was nothing in his appearance that would attract us to Him--He just looked like any ordinary person. The movie depicted very well the joy of everyone who met the risen Christ. It was comforting and encouraging to me too.

After the movie, we came here and had a spaghetti/salad dinner with ice cream cones for dessert. We were having a sleepover, but Christopher opted to go home for the night--so we returned him to his house and then Ems and Matthew came back here to The Beach House. We hung out for awhile and then got tucked in. I let Matt and Emma watch "Peter Pan" on my computer while I took myself to bed at about 10:30. They did great, were nice and quiet, and finally went to sleep themselves.
Emma spent a lot of time Saturday morning playing my piano and singing along with the computer to her favorite song from Peter Pan, "Lost Boys." She is learning a lot of good musical principles from her choir class at school and she is learning to master her voice, along with reading music. Her love of music is very evident--and I enjoy (very much) watching her grow in her ability and talent. She is a sweetheart.

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