Monday, February 8, 2016

The woods again!

It was kind of a last-minute switcheroo ... I was supposed to have the kiddos Saturday afternoon, but their visit got rescheduled to Sunday afternoon. So Saturday morning, which was a fabulously mild winter day, my camera and I went out for an adventure. We chose to go to Seidman Park out in Ada.
Yikes. I cannot believe I missed coming out here last year when we had mounds and mounds of snow! 
However, it was much easier to walk on this little bit of snow (although there was a layer of ice underneath!) ... so I walked for 90 minutes or so ... 
I drank in God's beauty everywhere ... 
I found all kinds of really cool ice formations that I don't think I have EVER seen before! 
I think this creek is HONEY CREEK, but I'm going to have to look it up to be sure; however, Seidman Park is located right at the corner of Honey Creek Rd. and Conservation. 
It has a nice bridge (although wouldn't it be beautiful if this was made from stone?) ... 

And it has trails that go every which way. I stuck to the trails that bordered the creek first because the sun was actually shining (shock!) and I wanted the beauty of the sparkly water and snow and shadows in as many pictures as possible ...

 This place is absolutely delicious.

 My eyes are completely happy looking at each and every scene ... my heart too.

 One of my favorite old hymns: Jesus Lover of My Soul ... this phrase comes from that old hymn by Charles Wesley (1740).

It was in the low 40's Saturday morning. I was dressed in multiple layers (naturally) and wasn't one bit cold. I didn't even need mittens! 

 Don't you love those icicles?

 I wasn't sure which picture to use for this phrase ... so I picked two.

 More cool icicles!

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of Your creation ... for the renewed peace deep in my heart while outside with You.

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