Thursday, February 4, 2016

FOUR! FOUR!! FOUR!!!!????

One of my presents to this love of a boy was an Octonaut helicopter with a basket that lowers and a frog to rescue and everything ... Brendan loves it.
So ... my Little Fellow turned FOUR this week. Yikes. As much as I want to stop time and just suspend it for a very long time so as to enjoy him as a little boy forEVER ... I never grow tired of watching Brendan learn and grow and interact. It just gets better every time I see him.
I also got him some LEGOS and a Playskool motorcycle.
We went out to dinner at a Mangerian restaurant and then afterwards we went to Brendan's favorite book store to look around for a little while ...
... and to eat a free birthday cupcake.
Brendan loves chocolate.

He was pretty tired by the time we got to the cupcake ... look at his VERY stuffed little face (below). He only ate 1/2 of his cupcake. We boxed it up and took it home for later.

While at the bookstore, Dylan bought Brendan a CIRCUS train set. The picture above is Brendan watching while Dylan was trying to open the extremely secure packaging around the train ... he is a patient little soul, but he really wanted these cars OUT and ABOUT.
Brendan is the sweetest little person. I just love his little heart, his wonderful sense of humor, his kindness, adorableness, chunkiness .... 

Kelly had to go away to Los Angeles early this morning but she celebrated a birthday breakfast with her sweet boy(s) and then hopped on a jet plane. 
We missed you, Kelly!
I love this family so much. What a gift they are to me.

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