Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A little bit of snow in Muskegon ...

I was in Muskegon for a little while yesterday. I drove from Little Pointe Sable to Pere Marquette beach to see what I could see! After NOT finding snow up near Ludington, I wasn't very hopeful to find any in Muskegon. 
I did walk all the way out to the end of the breakwater ... just because it is fun to do that! These pictures are not very extraordinary, but the sun had finally broken through the clouds and the colors were pretty spectacular. 
 I was even able to walk out on the rocks a little way--mostly because there were not rough waters AND the water is not as high this year either.
I could see from here that the pierhead light had no ice or snow whatsoever on it, so I did not walk the distance over there to get a closer look. 
Although the breakwater light is one of my least favorite lighthouses (it just looks unhappy--like it wishes it were not a lighthouse!), the ice formations on it are always interesting.
The sandy icebergs on the shoreline ... 
From this view, though, it could be 80 degrees and August! It is a beautiful place any time of the year.

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