Monday, February 8, 2016

We study Deuteronomy ... and play!

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. I do not have a television, so Christopher opted to stay home so as not to miss one minute of the big game. Matthew and Emma came over and we had a very wonderful visit. I had hoped to take the kiddos sledding ... but how is one to sled without any snow?!
Dear Matthew working on his Bible illustrations ... love him.
Instead, we hung out at the Beach House. We just did our normal things, like building with LEGOS, playing music, and chatting together.
We did study the entire book of Deuteronomy during our Bible time. There are not really any new stories (other than the death of Moses) contained in the book; but rather, Moses re-telling some stories we have already studied. So we went through and reviewed what Moses said in his farewell messages to the children of Israel.
Since the 10 commandments are repeated here in Deuteronomy, one of our illustrations was of the commandments. It was a good review, since we have studied Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers during the prior months. God really spelled out clear blessings for obedience and quite horrendous consequences for disobedience in this book. And then we read about the death of Moses at 120 years, although he was not sick, nor was he weak in any way--it was just God's time to take him!
Emma built this very nice marble run in the play room. She is a wonderful builder and always has been. Nothing is too hard for her to put together.
We decided to leave it together for when Kaity comes over tomorrow ... I think she will like it very much. Thank you, Ems.

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