Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A two-for-one day!

Yesterday was Monday, and Monday's are my Kaity days; however, Sunday when Emma and Matthew were over, she asked if she could come over and "observe" how I play with Kaity so that she could get some ideas. I could not refuse that request, now could I?
Emma had built this marble run Sunday afternoon. She was certain Kaity would like it. Emma was exactly right too! 
 These girls played for quite awhile with it, Kaity up on her little stool, and Emma directing and helping. Very nice.
 We listened to "Lavendar's Green, dilly dilly" about 12x while Emma sang and danced. Kaity rode around on my back through some of it and almost fell asleep, the little love.
 We listened to a lot of beautiful music Monday afternoon, and the girls did a lot of dancing; mostly Emma, because she is a beautiful dancer. I tried to snap some pictures of them dancing, but ... I am not a good motion photographer!
 Little Kaity enjoyed playing my piano. Emma has self-taught through one of my beginning piano books. She is coming along really well, helped most of all by her choir class and her choir teacher's love of music.
We also tried to teach Kaity the song, "God made the sun." Ems and I sang it a couple of times, and then the girls painted an illustration of sun, trees, mountains to go along with the song. We were teaching about God being the One who makes all living things! Kaity seemed to enjoy her very first Bible lesson. 

 Kaity loves to paint. Emma too. I am so glad. Painting is such fun, and a wonderful way to express color and feeling and ... it is so relaxing too.
Emma is a natural artist. Doesn't she look beautiful while she paints? 

 It was so much fun to have both of my granddaughters here together.

 Kaity loves Emma very much. She was carefully watching Emma while she painted.

 Kaity did a very nice job with her painting! She was so pleased.

These two girls are almost exactly 10 years apart. Sisters. Sweet and beautiful granddaughters. God is so good, isn't He?

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