Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sunday, February 14

Sunday was Valentine's Day and I got to have the kiddos over for the afternoon. We ate some chocolate Valentine hearts, but that was about it for celebrating a day of romance! But we did have a good time together. 

This is Emma, listening to one of her new favorite songs: "Lavender's Blue." She can watch this on Youtube anytime she wishes. She decided to write out all of the lyrics, since the ones I had printed out for her last week were a little different from her favorite version. We also printed up a very simple piano version and Emma learned to play it ... just like that! She was so pleased.

Matthew and Christopher did some building back in the playroom ... the marble run and LEGOS were thoroughly played with. 
 I love these guys so much.
 We decided to spend some weeks studying a few stories in the life of Jesus that we haven't already studied before. Since we had done His birth quite a few times, and just about every story surrounding that ... as well as the last week of His life in quite a bit of detail, we decided to fill in the blanks. So, we talked a little bit about Jesus as a boy. The only story we have in the Bible is found in Luke's Gospel when Jesus was 12 and his family went on their yearly pilgrimage to Jerusalem for celebration of the Passover.
I was able to get out a few of my books from Israel and some of my photographs from trips there and just showed the kiddos a little bit about Nazareth, where Jesus grew up and learned his trade from Joseph. We talked a lot about Jesus being 12 years old--since, after all, Christopher is TWELVE presently. We had a very good time learning about Jesus this week. I am looking forward to many more beautiful stories in the weeks to come.

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