Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Monday, February 15

Mondays are my Kaity days, and we have gotten into quite a routine together! I like it very much when Kaity comes to visit. There is never a dull moment.
 We put together my very big fire engine puzzle, and Kaity proceeded to give rides to all of the stuffed animals to the fire station.
 Paco was especially pleased to ride the back of the fire truck.

 Kaity had no end of fun doing this.
 We caught a few bites of lunch in-between playing. It is a little bit tricky to feed Kaity. She does not sit in one place for very long. But I did convince her to eat a banana. She also had two bowls of Rice Krispies, after last week having a bowl of Raisin Bran which she completely changed the name to "Bean Bran" telling me the raisins were NOT called that ... they were BEANS!
 We sang out "God made the Sun, God Made the Tree, God made the mountains and God made me" song many times while we painted this pretty tree ... Kaity does not look happy in this picture ... I think she does not like to pose for pictures. She was, however, very happy while painting and singing.
 Since the stamps were a big success last week, we got them out again and played for awhile ...
 Kaity decided to build a house out of them when she had finished stamping ...
 We played hide 'n seek for a little while in my house, with Kaity assigning me places to hide. I told her it didn't work that way, and she finally let me find my OWN hiding places.
Kaity lost her boots last week somewhere at her house, so we were a little bit limited as to outside play. Besides, Kaity wanted her stuffed animals (two of them) to go on the sled with her and she did not want them to be cold--so we wrapped the three of them in a blanket and took a cold walk around my neighborhood. You are a sweetie, Kaity.

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