Monday, February 29, 2016

Just a few more February pictures

Emma and Matthew came over yesterday to enjoy the afternoon with me. Christopher's best friend, Jaden, had unexpectedly dropped over to their house; so Chris was staying there to entertain him. Emma really enjoys playing with my laptop when she is over. She got on to Photo Booth yesterday and took these cute selfies ...

Below, the bottom right is my favorite. Emma has a beautiful smile! 
You are a sweetheart, Ems.
 Emma has taught herself how to play my piano. I purchased three beginner piano books for her two years ago and she has almost completed the work in these books now. She is doing a really good job.
 Matthew! I loved spending time with Matthew yesterday. He is a dear. My puppets are always a hit with all of the children, and this kitty puppet is their favorite. Matthew wanted me to order one for his birthday, so we did exactly that!
 Emma put on a comedy finger puppet show, doing the birth of Jesus. The reason she made it into a comedy was because I did not have the correct finger puppets to play each character and as she was desperately trying to find a puppet that might be able to play a certain part, it got funnier and funnier. Jesus ended up being one of my little piggy finger puppets (yikes). The shepherds were cowboy finger puppets, Mary was a pretty pathetic-looking girl puppet that I have ... king Herod was goofy too--but Emma had fun telling the story for us anyway.
 I spent this morning (Monday) with Kaity-girl. She came over to play for awhile. She was a little bit tired today, so we mostly just played "pretend" with her baby dolls ...
 Her two dolls, Harper and Baby, got tucked in to bed for the night (a very brief night), they got dinners cooked for them ...
 ... they got put down for naps, got sick, had to take their medicine, etc.

Kaity was an excellent little mother today. She was very cuddly too. I love her.

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