Saturday, March 17, 2018

Just hanging out ...

Saturday, March 10 PM:  I had a few hours this evening to spend with these dear grandchildren. I've been packing all week for my Florida trip, so I squeezed in a little time for these guys.

 I'm thankful these kiddos still want to come over. Emma opted out tonight and I accept that (difficult as it is), but she is nearly 16 now and there really isn't much to do over here while I am "entertaining" Kaity. You are missed, though, dearest Ems.
 Kaity-Girl decidedly loves to play at the Beach House. I have an abundance of toys and she enjoys them very much. Chris and Matt pretend to be too grown up to play, but they DO play still and I am glad about that!
 Matthew made a very impressive marble run once again and even helped Kaity build one! Thank you, Matthew!
 Kaity was intent upon decorating another balloon ... so out came the Sharpee pens and away she went ...

 Kaity finds it impossible to do art work without her tongue assisting her (pictured below).
Well, I'm off to Florida tomorrow! I hope to see these guys NEXT SUNDAY!

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