Tuesday, January 14, 2020

January 12

Sunday:  Emma and I managed to make it to church this morning, despite the ice and snow--which was greatly overestimated in its anticipation by weather reports. Although I will say, News8 did a good job of telling views how difficult it was to forecast such a crazy storm--so they are off the hook! Anyway, we worshiped this morning together at Calvary. What a privilege to have Emma sitting next to me at church. How I love to listen to her voice as she sings praises to our kind and awesome God.
 As is his usual custom, Matey joined us for our breakfast. He likes the banana peel as much as he likes little licks from the banana itself--it sure is cute to watch him doing it too.
 Matey had to be shooed away from our cereal bowls mutliple times--if left to himself, he will hop right in and splash in the milk! Naturally, we cannot allow him such recklessness!

 You are the cutest little Budgie, Matey! All who visit the Beach House love you.
I had been too sick this past week to complete a Bible lesson for Emma and I. We've been studying the kings and prophets now for over a year! Hopefully, I'll finish studying the prophet AMOS this week and be able to share with Emma was God showed to me. 
Emma decided that since we were not going to have a Bible story, we should SKETCH together. She went to her Pinterest account and brought some step-by-step sketching lessons to do. We did a LIP, an EYE, and then a person sitting cross-legged. Pictured above are Emma's sketches--mine are not shown. Instead, I wrote the names of my seven grandkiddos in script--something that comes easily to me--handwriting--sketching, not so much! I enjoyed just sitting at my table with dear Emma, quietly sketching. I love Emma so much, being with her is such a gift. Thank you, Lord, for all You do in our lives each week.

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