Tuesday, January 21, 2020

January 20

Monday:  These two cuties came over today. It was a usual Monday in every respect, made a little bit more challenging with baby Erin on the scene. This was her third week with us and she has learned her way around the place and has her favorite toys picked out.
 Erin is a VERY good eater--may this continue, please! Aidan will PRETEND that he wants to eat until you actually serve the food--then NO WAY. He is very partial to my seasoned pretzels and he will assent to eating chips and salsa ... but that's about IT.
 Here is our jovial Aidan playing his favorite tune, "We will, we will ROCK you!" with much gusto and extreme enthusiasm. This child is a scream.

 He played this, clapping his little hands, for a full 10 minutes. He had the rhythm down perfectly--nevermind that the notes were incorrect. He was extremely happy in his efforts.

 Erin joined him on the recorder and marched around the house playing it loudly.
 She is a little dear.
 Hi there, Erin! Baby blue eyes!
 Our Erin is quite a serious little baby at times. She knows exactly what she wants and she can really level her gaze at you if she suspects something is not quite right.

 Aidan and Erin LOVE to play nap-time where they get all tucked in cozy, fake snoring included, and then suddenly wake up. The entire scene plays itself out in about two seconds flat, but it is repeated over and over and over again.

These babies. I'm going to enjoy them while I can ... Erin is going to find herself being in the role of a big sister in mid-May ... I wonder what on earth she will think of that? And Aidan for that matter! Every baby is a gift, that's for sure!

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