Tuesday, January 14, 2020

January 13

Monday:  And who is THIS baby shark you might ask?!?!? I'll tell you! It is THE CUTEST little shark on the planet, that's what (said his adoring "gamma Carol"). 
 When I picked Aidan and Erin up this afternoon, Aidan was so excited to show me his shark hat and his new dinosaur shoes (not pictured--rats!). 
 This child! I can't believe I haven't eaten him up yet ... gah!
 I love this little face ... this dear small person ... HOW on earth did all of us get so blessed as to have him in our lives? 

 None of us (zero) have felt well the last week or so. Both Aidan and Erin have had snotty noses, coughs, crusty eyes, etc. Poor Erin ... look at her dear face! She LOVES Matey. He isn't so sure about HER, however. Erin is only 18 months and doesn't realize Matey is not a toy.
 Shark-baby, however, stays a "safe" distance from anything unfamiliar to him. He readily laughs and his sense of humor is unmatched ... but his caution is always surprising to me. With such a belly laugh, you'd think he would have zero boundaries!
 Look at how sick tiny Erin is ... she did fine at my place, but clearly did not feel well.
 AIDAN! Stop being so cute!
 Oh.my.word. If I COULD, dear Erin, I would wave a magic wand and make you better IMMEDIATELY. 

Matey entertained us during lunch. He ate banana peel and tried our mac 'n cheese, much to the littles' delight.

Speaking of sick, though, I have raised the white flag. I'm crashing until this thing is GONE ... well, at least until Wednesday when I pick Brendan up from school ...

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