Sunday, January 26, 2020

January 26, Grand Haven Lights

Sunday:  It's just a short drive from Rosy Mounds to the State Park at Grand Haven. I knew our time was limited, so we parked as closely as we could to get a few pictures of the channel ... which, by the way, I have NEVER seen the water SO HIGH here ...

 Then we drove through the parking lot to the other side where we had a better view of the beach--or what is LEFT of it--and the lighthouse/pier.
 The wind was really brisk out here ... and look how tiny the beach is! It has been almost completely washed away!
 I heard this week on the local weather station that they are expecting the erosion here to worsen right through spring. January is usually the LOWEST level of Lake Michigan. Presently, the lake is 20" higher than it was last year this time!
 Dear Emma enjoys a good adventure. I'm so glad she does. We have fun together--I'm not sure there are many people in my life I can say that about! I love her so much.

 Beautiful place, isn't it? Even with the gloomy skies ... it's just breathtaking out here.

 I have thousands (no lie) of pictures of this pier because I have a nearly 50-year history of coming out here and walking it, listening to the surf and seagulls, watching the fishermen, wishing I was on every boat going up and down the channel ...

 This is my HAPPY place ... I hope heaven is as beautiful as it is here ... I'm sure it must be!

It only took us 32 minutes to drive into Emma's driveway from here. I felt reluctant to see her go today. We talked about a lot of sad things last night--she expresses herself very well--and I am glad that we can talk and that she shares difficult things with me. Oh, Lord, please surround Emma with your protection--guard her heart and mind--give her eyes to see Your incredible love for her.

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