Friday, January 3, 2020

January 1

Dear Brendan awoke at 7:30 New Year's Day and was ready to go! He is a very industrious little child. Before we ate our breakfast, he had designed and cut out many more origami snowflakes, and had worked diligently at several other projects.
 Brendan ate TWO bowls of Sugar Cookie Crunch while reading every word and working on every puzzle on the back of the cereal box. 
 He kept up his snowflake endeavors throughout the morning. He's such an easy-going fellow, although at the same time, he is intense--it's just that he isn't bothered if the outcome of a project isn't exactly what he had in mind! He just starts over and tries again. I guess I would have to say that he is super patient and tolerant of stuff that doesn't work out perfectly. Those are good qualities, Brendan.
I think Brendan is happiest when he is working on making something. He loves to cut paper out, fold stuff, and design his own paper puppets.

 Brendan decided to make Matey-Bird a pop-up card of ... Matey! I printed out a picture of Matey, Brendan cut out the picture, and then rigged up a taped piece of paper inside the card that would make Matey pop up when the card was opened. He was very pleased with his result. I was too! I took a picture of the finished result, but I can't find it presently. When I do, I will post it below.
 We played another game of "Metro" this morning. Matey kept landing on our board and messing with our cards, so we locked him up in his cage.

I love this small person so much. He is such a delightful little soul. Thank you, Lord, for letting me be Brendan's grandma.

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