Saturday, March 5, 2016

Back to Reed's Lake ...

Having not much snow to speak of throughout this winter, we surely got socked with it as March came in like a lion! After work one day last week, I drove the "long" way home and stopped at Reed's Lake to see what I could see ...

I think it is pretty amazing that waterfowl never seem disturbed by the cold! Aren't these swans lovely? 

 There pretty much wasn't another soul in sight ... it was COLD and windy and snowing like crazy.
 But very beautiful. I love this kind of beauty so much.
I walked and walked, breathing in the cold fresh air. It was wonderful in so many ways. 
 The snow was soft and fluffy. My steps could not be heard. I was hoping to catch out some wildlife, but ... zero.

 I remember worrying, back in December, that I would not get enough "new" winter pictures. What would I do to make "new" cards?!

 I now have hundreds of wonderful winter scenes with which to design cards.

Thank you for your incomparable creations, Lord. You alone are AWESOME.

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