Saturday, August 13, 2016

A hunting we will go ...

August 7:  The children and I still love it out at Townsend Park, Cannonsburg. We have made some special memories out here along the creek. We always make new friends--every time we come. 
 This was Kaity-girl's first time to go hunting with us. I stopped at a pet supply store and purchased two more nets so that Kaity would have one and ME TOO. We use our nets for catching minnows, crayfish, and anything else we can find.
 We also brought our plastic boat with us to see what would happen when we put it down the rapids!
 We did this a number of times. Kaity would chose a nice place to throw the little boat in on one side of the bridge, the boat would battle through the rocks and waves (!!!) and come out on the other side. Kaity was extremely pleased.
 Emma set her traps along the tree roots and waited ...
 Kaity was far more interested in playing with the boat than hunting ...
 This little spot has been a favorite of mine since my own boys were this age and younger. My own boys loved it here as much as I do. It seems like yesterday ...

 The hunting went on a long time before the first crayfish was caught!
 Here is one of our "friends" holding up a hunk of hotdog with a crayfish attached to it.
 I brought the toy binoculars along for Kaity. She does not refer to them as binoculars but calls them her glasses (I think).
 Look at her (below). Isn't she something?

 We can easily pass several relaxing hours walking in the cool waters of the creek. No TV. No video games. No technology. Just you, God, and the beauty You have created.
 It is THE BEST.
 Kaity was absolutely soaked from head to toe--and she was happy as a little clam too. Emma watched over her if I was busy with the boys. Emma is an especially good care giver.
 Matthew loves it here too. He was feeling sad that he had not caught a crayfish yet. Thankfully, before our afternoon was over, he DID catch a nice one.
 I'm going to just let these pictures roll ...

 These TWO!! Oh my word ... they were so pleased with our catches of the day. We ended up with SEVEN crayfish, TWO minnows, and THREE water bugs (uck).

What a wonderful gift this afternoon was to me. My heart is so full of JOY. These children are SO precious.

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