Saturday, August 13, 2016

Date night with Brendan ...

Thursday, August 11:  Since I had a very busy week, I only had a brief time to visit Brendan Thursday night. Exhaustion had hit me hard, but Brendan was SO excited to see me and thought it would be very nice if we went "out for awhile."
 We started with chocolate Frosty's and french fries ...
 It was really too hot and humid to go to a playground -- and Brendan, who is hot even in the middle of winter, does not do well in the heat. Where could we go that we hadn't been before?
 Ah ... the Hobby Shop over on 28th Street! We were just up the road from there at Wendy's anyway!
 Perfect. Nice trains to play with and all kinds of cool stuff to check out.

 Brendan was quite mesmerized by the motorized trains. He had a set all picked out that was on sale for $449. I told him, with a smile and a hug, that grandma did not have money for hobby shop stuff.

Brendan was not a bit phased and confidently told me that "My mama has a LOT of Hobby Shop money!" Whew. Poor Kelly!

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