Saturday, August 13, 2016

One week ago at Reed's Lake

Time sure flies by and I have been neglecting this pathetic blog in a big way. But I'll get to WHY later. These pictures are from one week ago out at beautiful Reed's Lake--so it was Saturday, August 6. 
 I drove my mom out here to get her out of the house. It had been uncomfortably hot all week, but on Saturday it cooled down a bit and was absolutely perfect out here.
 We found a place to sit out on the deck of the Public Library. 
 The clouds were really amazing. The breeze was cool. We could see children swimming over at the yacht club, jumping off the boardwalk into the cool water.
 There was a few kayakers out and some boats, not many, which surprised me on such a beautiful evening.

 We watched the ducks play for awhile, and mom and I had a good talk.
 Before I had driven over to my mom's place, I asked the Lord to show me WHERE to drive that would be quiet and pretty and where mom might be refreshed from the worries on her mind. I really had never thought of this particular spot until I was on my way to her house! I think Jesus whispered it in my ear!
 God has been wonderfully kind in these last weeks, out-doing Himself with mercy and answered prayer. I am practically bursting with the joy of the journey of faith ...

 I'll try to explain more in a later post ... 
 Thanks, Lord, for this hour by the lake with my mom. Thank you for taking away the FEAR of facing hard things in my life. Thank you for being such a good, good Father.

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