Saturday, August 6, 2016

Thursday evening with Brendan

It was really hot Thursday, all day--so it was perfect to take Brendan to Grand Haven. The water was 76 degrees and the air temperature was nearly 90, even out at the lakeshore.
 The water was pretty calm and we got right in to cool off from the heat. Brendan is fearless in the lake and I have to be very careful not to let him wander too far.
 We had gone way out together and did our swimming and finally Brendan was content to play along the shore. He took his little digger truck out there for awhile to make canals and watch them fill up with water. I love watching him play.
 I quite literally had to pull him out and away from the beach. We took a nice outside and inside shower to get the sand off of us and to rinse our sandy bathing suits too. We got dressed and drove down to a park I have never taken Brendan to. I expected it to be quite crowded there, but it wasn't. I think everyone was at the Coast Guard Festival that was more in town. There was a carnival and all kinds of food everywhere--but SO crowded.
 Brendan and I played a long time at the park and thankfully there was another little boy there who played with Brendan.

 Brendan always has the time of his life, no matter what. He milks everything for all it is worth. I love this about him.

 We played a little bit of hide 'n seek--this is a great place to do that game.

 And we explored every inch of the place (naturally).
 But then it was time to eat. We decided to go to Culver's this week because THEY have chocolate ice cream. McD's only has vanilla. Brendan is very partial to chocolate.
 Outside of Culver's was this antique car show. The owner of this Studabaker invited Brendan to come in for a look!
 So he did!

 And then we ate our yummy food and ice-cream. 
We came back home an hour late (again), but we were happy and tired and glad to have had the time together. Thank you, Lord.

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