Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Date night with Brendan

August 31:  Today was Kelly's birthday. I was not ready for it whatsoever and have decided to celebrate it at the end of September instead! Dylan and Kelly went out for dinner and a movie, so Brendan and I did the same ... different movie, different dinner!
Since we were headed over to see The LEGO Movie, Brendan sang me the theme song, "Everything is Awesome" on the way to the theatre.
This is his cute little face when he sings ... he is holding his popcorn bucket in his lap and he climbed over to sit in the front seat for a little while (not while I was driving).
So we saw The LEGO Movie, which I had never seen. At first, I didn't like it! It was too odd for me, but it got better as it went along (thankfully). I liked the ending best. After we saw the movie, I convinced Brendan to go over to Smashburger's for a greasy hamburger and a chocolate shake.
We put our order in and they gave us #41 to put on our table. Brendan decided he would use it as the "door to his train" and he had the whole thing worked out and enjoyed himself hugely while we were waiting for our food.

He took his #41 very seriously.

However, when the fellow came with our food, Brendan did NOT want to release #41 back to the waiter and told him it was his "train door." The guy looked a little confused. We finally talked Brendan into giving #41 back to its rightful owners.
Brendan liked his chocolate milkshake!

He is the sweetest little person!

When we went back to his house and it was time to say good-bye, Kelly asked Brendan if he wanted to say good-bye with a HUG, a HANDSHAKE, or a HIGH-FIVE? Brendan came running to me and said, "A HUG!!" So I scooped him up and told him I there were all KINDS of hugs and I lifted him up as I hugged him. I told Brendan this was a LIFTING hug but that there were tons of other kinds of hugs too--wiggly ones, squeezing ones, quiet ones, twirling hugs .... you get the idea.

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