Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A sight to behold at Grand Haven

August 30:  Tuesday was my brother's last night here in Grand Rapids. He has been in town helping to orchestrate my mom's move two weeks from now. We decided to spend his last evening out at Grand Haven with mom. So we drove out there with the intention of eating at SNUG HARBOR and arrived just in time !!!

We love the big ships and we were able to enjoy seeing the CUYAHOGA back out of the channel into Lake Michigan. It was thrilling as always! And this was such a gift! My mom loves the big ships--we all do--from growing up in Detroit and boating in the Detroit River. One of my favorite things was when my dad would anchor the boat off the main channel and we would watch the parade of big ships coming and going ... from all over the world actually--but the lake freighters were always our favorites.

So, of course, I took a LOT of pictures ...
There was also something exceedingly remarkable about what was going on at the pier ... MY pier ... MY lighthouse!!!
Can you see?

Here's the story (briefly). The pier has been in significant disrepair for a number of years. There were actually people who wanted to get RID of the catwalk because there were no funds to renovate it.
Thankfully (yes!) the money was raised and August 30 was the last night anyone could walk on the pier until the project is complete some time next year! They are completely removing the cat walk, renovating it and putting it back together! I am SO glad.
The cat walk to NOWHERE ...
I've never seen my pier look so ... forlorn!

The infamous GATE that in January of 1972 (that is 44 years ago), during a sudden winter storm, I climbed to exit the ice-covered cat walk and go down the steps to near safety back on shore. It's a long story ... and it ended well!
I love this place so much ... 
Another Summer is drawing to an end ... 

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