Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Proud grandparent member at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

This past weekend marked the 6th anniversary for Dylan and Kelly, so I offered to take Brendan so that they could have some time to celebrate, grown-up style, Saturday afternoon and evening (even though their actual anniversary was Sunday). The forecast was more rain! Yuck. Where could we go that would be fun and dry?
 I googled around Grand Rapids for awhile and then landed on the site for the Public Museum. The present exhibits looked fun and interesting ... but the admission price--yikes! Thankfully and most wonderfully, they have a grandparent membership that is extremely reasonable! So I am now an official member at the Grand Rapids Public Museum (AND the zoo, AND the children's museum!). But what a great money-saver for us--yes!
 Our two favorite exhibits were EARTH EXPLORE and THE ROBOT ZOO. This is Brendan pretend driving a safari vehicle. There is a small video screen above the dashboard that shows lions creeping closer and closer ...
 We did everything possible that was there! We pretended to deep-sea dive, we rode on a hot air balloon, we explored Alaska a little bit, met a great white shark, and had all kinds of fun doing it.

 We also learned a little bit about chameleons, and Brendan was able to pretend he was blending into the background below ...
 He was super excited to see himself on the video screen all camouflaged!
 We went downstairs to the first floor and looked at the trolley that has been at the museum forEVER.
 Brendan was a wee bit sad that the doors were locked and that he could not drive it. :( Poor little one.
 Another favorite thing was the carousal. Brendan chose the giraffe to ride and he was SO pleased.
 Look at his sweet little face ...
 He is so darling, isn't he?
 Of course, I was being completely obnoxious with my camera ... but I couldn't help myself!

 Then we stepped outside and took a little walk by the river. Grand Rapids is such a pretty town.
 Brendan found several puddles to SURF across ...

 He was very FAST and delighted to run and play on these pretty pathways.

 We had a wonderful time downtown together.

Afterwards, we went to McDonald's and got Brendan a Happy Meal that included the little bird toy from The Secret Life of Pets, named Sweet Pea. And THEN we drove over to Nana's house to visit her ... (see that post please).

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