Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More public museum fun!

Sunday:  July 31, 2016

Day two of my grandparent membership to the Grand Rapids Public Museum was used quite nicely! I picked the four cadets up at about 3:30 in the afternoon and we drove downtown to play at the museum. These guys crack me up. We parked in a FREE parking lot underneath the US-131, about a block or so from the museum. The children immediately climbed up underneath the bridge to see how high they could get! I did not realize, however, that there was a homeless person living underneath this bridge. We discovered him when we returned to the car and our hearts were sad for him. He was sleeping very soundly up where he had put his belongings (can you see them at the very right of the picture?)
 As soon as we walked through the museum doors and I had checked us in, the children found the Olympic medal platform and posed or so nicely for the dear grandma ...

This picture was my favorite. It was Em's too.

 Our little bitty girl joined us at last ... there were only THREE medals, so we gave her this racing award to hold--which is very appropriate for our fast-running pixie-girl.
 We took a very nice ride on the carousel. All of the children enjoyed it.

I love this of our Kaity

Chris and Matthew--you crack me up!
 Kaity proclaimed, "I'm not scared, Grandma!" and had so much fun riding the giraffe.
 Aren't these children so beautiful? I love them so much.
I super LOVE this picture!

 Emma was doing a bunch of silly stuff on her horse, and cracking Christopher up ...
 Matthew! You are such a riot!
 Emma, riding "side-saddle" like a fancy lady.

Kaity's cute piggies!

 Two gorgeous granddaughters ... how blessed I am.
 We walked from the carousel over to the trolley car and Emma posed like a pro with the old horse and buggy!

 We spent some time at the Robot Zoo ...
 These four raced from one thing to the next in a frenzy of activity. I loved watching their fun.
 Emma, checking out a platypus.
 Christopher operating the chameleon's eyes and tongue ...
 Laity-Girl doing a maze with a hippopotamus.
 And then the kiddos put on the camouflage and blended in with the walls for awhile ...

 I could hardly keep up with them, especially when they ran in different directions. I kept hearing my name, "Grandma, look!" and so I tried my best to be everywhere at once.

 This safari car was cool. It had a little screen that showed lions creeping closer and closer to the car.
 They kids pretended to take a deep sea dive over at EARTH EXPLORE.
 And they "rode" a hot air balloon too ...
 And met a great white that Christopher declared was "little."
 They all let me snap their picture by the space suit ... Emma (almost 14) decided it would be more appropriate for her to pose NEXT to the suit rather than inside of it. I like all of these pictures! Look at Kaity peeking out!

When it was just about time to leave, Emma had the great idea of sliding down the banister ... and since she was very good at this and did not appear to be in any danger whatsoever, I let her! Yikes. Emma accomplished this several times before an extremely polite and concerned security lady stopped by to inform us that this sort of thing was not allowed at the museum. She was super kind about it.
I don't dare post this picture anywhere but on this little-read blog--otherwise, I met get myself into trouble with a few parents. What a wonderful time we had exploring the museum!

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