Saturday, August 13, 2016

My dear granddaughters

Monday's are still the day I get together with my Kaity. But since Emma has been spending the night with me on Sunday's, she stays right through and we girls play together. I did not take any pictures of our sleepover this week--hard to believe! I think we were too tired from hunting at the creek! We did watch Jurassic Park III and cracked each other up all throughout the movie. Good times.
 Kaity requested the Play-Doh be gotten off the shelf and we girls had a lot of fun making things together.
 Emma rolled her light brown play-doh very flat and then placed it in her drinking glass to look like spilled milk.
 Emma! You crack me up!
 Emma gained a lot of good therapy from this play-doh ... she rolled and sliced and made shapes ... I loved watching her.

 Kaity's tolerance for one activity is pretty short lived. We stretched her to 20 minutes with the playdoh and then I asked Ems to take her for a walk while I cleaned up our lunch and toys. So the girls walked around the block two times and I got everything accomplished!
 We drove over to Grand Rapids Township Park. It was super hot though, so our energy was a bit depleted.
 We had some fun, however, and played hide and seek with Kaity. She is a sweetheart.
 Emma demonstrated how fast she could climb this super high slide (she who is afraid of heights).

 I got some cute pictures of Kaity on the tire swing.
 I love this one of her!

 And this one too!

After we finished at the playground, we girls went shopping. Emma's birthday is next week and we needed a few items for her bedroom. She spent all last week cleaning and organizing every item in her room. It looks amazing. We picked up two nice rugs for her AND a gift for Belle too--a new scratching post. 

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