Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thursday evening, July 28, with Brendan

Last Thursday evening was a drizzly rainy one, so instead of going to the beach like I had hoped we would be able to do, I brought Brendan over to my Beach House. On the way over, it was softly raining, and for some reason I was reminded of a very old song (1962), "Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain." I began to sing it, not remembering all of the lyrics, but remembering the tune exactly. Dear Brendan, sitting in the back seat immediately picked up the tune and began singing with me! And he loved this little song SO much that he kept asking me to sing it for him. We had a 30 minute ride to my house and I think I sang this song to him a dozen times (what I could remember of it).

 When we got inside my house, I went to Youtube and found the original Cascade version of the song that I loved so well and I played it for Brendan ... and I replayed it ... and replayed it ... enough to where I was able to get our dinner ready set to go!
 Brendan was absolutely fascinated by the little bells that play and the whole orchestration of the song. He just loved it. Isn't he something?
 After dinner, we played with our toys, but ALWAYS the flashlight is the ultimate winner with Brendan.
 He decided to impersonate a lighthouse and was SO pleased that he was BIGGER than all of the other lighthouses I have around here.
Such a cutie, such a love, such a gift you are dear Brendan.

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