Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 24, 2016 ANOTHER sleepover with Ems

 I am rather behind on posting current events around my little Beach House! I am pretty sure these pictures are from Sunday night, July 24, when Emma spent the night. This was after the free zoo night with all of the kiddos over at John Ball Zoo.
 This is a homemade strawberry-banana milkshake ... made especially with instructions from my own Emma Joy!
 Emma drank it down to the very last drop! I was happy just to watch her enjoying this!
I am pretty sure this is the Sunday night when we watched a movie Ems had brought over from her own collection, but I cannot remember the name of it--I think it was something about The Princess Diaries 2. Anyway, I'm glad she brought the movie over and that we could enjoy it together. It is so much fun to be with Emma. I love her so much!

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