Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Monday pictures

 Emma spent the night again Sunday and then we picked Kaity up Monday afternoon. We took her over to Township Park to play in the creek because it is such a delightful place to be.

 Emma did a little exploring on her own ...

 Kaity went between the playground and the creek ... back and forth ... back and forth.

 tried to get some pretty pictures of the wildflowers ...

 Kaity really enjoys climbing on anything whatsoever. Why is it that all little kids must defy gravity and common sense and climb a slide backward? They all do it!

 We always take along plenty of creek toys ... We floated our boats and dug with our trucks. It was a relaxing and fun hour. But then Kaity got pretty soaked ...
 ... so we returned home to get her dry and to play with our inside toys for a little while.

 Kaity really loves the little horses I got her for her birthday. We keep them here because she can play with them every time she comes over. Today, we took the horses and their stables over to the train tracks and made up a story about everybody.

 This is the kind of play Kaity simply adores. She loves to pretend. It takes a lot of effort to the the story-teller sometimes ... but it is always worth the effort. Love these dear granddaughters.

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