Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another PERFECT zoo afternoon ...

August 18:  Every visit to the zoo is a little bit different, especially when Brendan is along. He loves to just meander from animal to animal, very patiently watching and listening and wondering. I love going to the zoo with Brendan.
 Brendan loves the pelicans, even though they don't really talk to us. We love to watch them groom themselves. Thursday, we got to see on of them diving under the water for ... bugs I think. My picture of the diving pelican did not turn out very good, so I am NOT posting it.
 We visited the wallabies, but they were not super friendly this time. They were content to just lay around and eat. They are pretty cute animals, though, and one of these days we are going to become better acquainted with them.
 This rope tube is near where the beautiful birds--the cockatiel and the macaw, as well as some really unusual monkeys. This size is perfect for Brendan to run through. I always pretend he is an exotic monkey running away, which makes him smile, which makes his adorable dimples show.
 We did not feed the Bungie birds this time! Brendan wanted to very badly go and SEE the lions. I tried to tell him that the lions NEVER come close to the windows ... not EVER ...

 We got a surprise treat today. The lioness was sunning herself close to the big window. She stayed there for such a long time!

 She even got up and said hello to us!
 She wasn't very impressed with us and lay back down.

 Brendan was very pleased that we got to see a lion that close up!
 We had such a relaxing and fun afternoon together. So much to be thankful for!

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