Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Fast away the old year passes ...

The last hours of 2019:  Brendan brought over a special gift he received from his godparents. It is a HUGE pop-up book of the Harry Potter series, and it's pretty amazing. Brendan loves it. He couldn't wait to show me all the cool pop-up features. The entire book UNFOLDS into a map of Harry's world.
 Brendan knew every little detail and was careful to point out each and every one of them to me!
 Isn't this so cool?
 I loved listening to him tell me about all of the different movies and books he has seen or had read to him so far. I am pretty sure that Dylan has read the first three books to Brendan, and that they've seen the first three movies. I have only read the very first book. It's a good read, for sure--I'm just hesitant about all of the wizardry and witch stuff that seems SO admired in the books. Something just doesn't sit right with me about it--but I don't think there is any real harm in it for little kids.
 Brendan also brought over an interesting game called "Metro." We TIED in our first game. We each had 69 points. I'm so glad Brendan enjoys playing games. His folks are enthusiastic game players too--something they enjoy as a family.
 Matey kept interrupting and downright sabotaging the entire board. We finally had to shut him up in his cage while we played.
 Silly Matey!
 We spent a very long time doing Origami and even making Origami snowflakes. One thing that really stands out about Brendan is his PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE. He is completely undaunted when something doesn't turn out "right" and simply puts the failed project to the side and starts over! That's a very good trait to have, Brendan.
I was really unsure if Brendan would appreciate playing my Fousball game. I was SUPER GLAD to see how much he enjoyed it. We had such fun banging that ball around and we spent a lot of time cracking each other up.

Brendan had an entire agenda for our New Year's Eve. He told me that "near the end" we would watch the COUNTDOWN on Netflix. I wasn't sure what he meant, but assumed that it was the REAL deal at Time's Square in New York, etc., so I figured he was determined to stay up until midnight. At about 11:15 when I could hardly see straight, Brendan asked me if we could get on Netflix to see the countdown and I figured we could perhaps get an early view of what was going on down there. You see, I don't have a television, and thought maybe Netflix was just being nice and broadcasting stuff LIVE. It turns out that all we had to do was to go to the KIDS part and click on any number of cartoon countdowns that were each about three minutes long! I could have done that at 9:00 for goodness sake! No harm. We popped popcorn and watched "Heidi" while we were waiting for the night to pass. Dear Brendan cried during parts of the movie because he was so sad for the Grandfather and Heidi. I love this about you, Brendan. You have such a tender and dear heart.

HAPPY 2020!

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