Thursday, February 20, 2020


Thursday:  Jesse texted me early this morning saying that Kaity woke up with a fever this morning and would not be going to school ... which meant she would not be coming over to my house this afternoon! I asked if I could come to THEIR house for a little while this afternoon, just to cheer Kaity up a bit.

 I'm very glad I went over to see Kaity. She was such a JOY to be with and super sweet. She was running just a low-grade fever and it wasn't keeping her "down" one bit. We played lots of fun things and even sat at her kitchen table and colored and designed paper airplanes together. I brought an Origami book (one from the library) and we attempted some of what was in the book, but we kind of bombed out. These were difficult to make and the illustrations were not very helpful! But Kaity was unphased by that, thankfully.
 Here is Kaity with her colored paper airplane. This particular fold is my special "loopty-loop" plane. It flies in circles and is a very good glider.
 I was throwing my plane and it landed on its NOSE and stayed that way! Kaity ran over and I snapped this picture.
Kaity, you were such a little sweetheart this afternoon. I loved being with you. You brought my heart a lot of happiness. I love you so much.

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