Tuesday, February 18, 2020

February 17

Monday:  I picked these two up at 1:00 over at their place. Aidan requested that we get a car wash since that is his new favorite thing. I had put off getting mine washed the last few days because Kelly had told me Aidan really likes driving through a car wash now ... so it was a win/win!

Upon our arrival to my house, Aidan announced that he was "hunGARY" so I sat both of them close to Matey's cage and began pulling food out of the cupboard that these two will munch on. I also gave some lettuce to Matey so that they could watch him eat. They truly delight in this little bird.
 Erin's little cheeks are all red today ... she has a bit of a runny nose and a low cough--poor little one. She wasn't slowed down very much by it though!
 Aidan thought it would be a very good idea to put the "fwains" through a washing ... so he used this pom-pom as his very own spinning brush and got the whole train sparkling clean.
 It was super cute to watch him do it ... he was completely serious in his endeavor.
 Dear Erin hung out with Matey. She stuck her fingers inside his cage and didn't seem to mind when he nibbled on them. I love this picture of her.
 Matey has become quite fascinated with my lighthouses, and as a TRUE beach house bird, he perches on them whenever he can.

It was a super nice time with the little kids today. They get a LOT of stuff out, but since this is such a small abode, it cleans up fairly quickly. It's super nice being a grandma.

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