Thursday, February 27, 2020

February 26

February 26:  I had the unusual pleasure of sitting "the tinies" this afternoon before picking Brendan up from school at 3:00. I had about an hour's worth of 1-on-1 with this darling baby girl ...
 Erin likes to play "nap time" including getting tucked in with a blanket, fake snoring, and the whole nine yards. Her naps are incredibly short (a blink of the eye) and then she is awake and smiling, wanting to do the whole routine over again ... and over again ... and let's do it ONE more time!
 Aidan was real-time napping and woke up rearing to go! I love this darling child so much.
 Dylan came home very soon after and Aidan declared he was "hung-a-ry" so Dylan fixed some nuggets for the babies.
 We sat together while they played with their food ...
 Erin is a really good eater at this stage in her little life. It's so enjoyable to watch her actually EAT food. Aidan will announce that he is hung-a-ry and then just kind of plays with food once it is all ready for him to eat it. Mustard helps, but not always.
 I snapped a picture of Aidan's little toes-ies because they are so cute. Erin decided to wear Aidan's banana shoes this afternoon. She is almost as tall as Aidan now ... but Aidan is super short.

I picked Brendan up from school at 3:00 and we headed over to my house for a brief visit. Brendan sat right down on my computer and connected himself to PBSkids before I could barely hang up our coats and say "hi" to Matey-Bird! He played a few games and was super intense about the entire thing ... it's difficult for me to "break through" when Brendan is this focused on a game. I decided to just let him play for a little while.

 Thankfully I had baked fresh banana bread this morning and I enticed Brendan away from technology to eat some bread and chocolate milk. I brought a book over to the table to share with him while he was snacking: "How Far Underground? Burrowing Animals" by Monika Davies - Illustrated by Komina Marti. We had started reading it last week, but ran out of time to finish it. Brendan loves books about animals and this one is super interesting and very well written and illustrated.
 We naturally played a great deal with Matey ...
 Brendan brought over a Harry Potter Chess Game to play. He said that he brought this for his dad long ago and his dad gave him permission to bring it today.
 We kind of played a very unorganized and completely odd game of chess until it was time to go!
We left my house early tonight because Brendan had a church activity to attend. I got to bring him for it and stay throughout. Very nice people over at Brendan's church. I watched the children make "Holy Bread" and watched them interact about that subject. Brendan has a lot of friends there, which is a happy thing--it was neat to watch him play with kids his own age--Brendan wasn't even the most over-active child there! It was a very good Wednesday and I am thankful for it!

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